There are six important factors to consider before booking fishing charters in Clearwater. Below, we will go over these six considerations and provide you with some tips to help along the way.

1. How Many People?

First and foremost, you need to know how many people are planning to fish with you. This affects what kinds of fishing charters you should be considering to a significant degree. This is because all boats have a maximum number of people allowed on board at any given time. You should know how many people are in your party before calling potential guides in Clearwater.

2. Budget

Charter prices are dictated by the number of people in your party, the type of fishing you plan to do, the size of the vessel being chartered, and the amount of time spent on the water. Prices of fishing charters start at around $60 per person and can run upwards of $500 per person.

3. Customer Service

There are two kinds of charters: ones that prioritize customer service and those who simply want to make money. It should be noted that a high cost does not necessarily mean quality customer service. Some inexpensive excursions do a great job ensuring their customers are comfortable and have a great trip. The opposite also exists. It is important to compare services and prices of fishing charters in Clearwater before choosing one to hire.

4. Types of Fishing Charters

There are two types of charter services that exist: private and shared. Private excursions, as the name suggests, offer privacy, so you do not have to share the space with others. The fee is usually based on an hourly rate and is for the entire boat, regardless of how many people are in your party (as long as you stay within the vessel’s maximum capacity).

On the other hand, you have shared excursions, which means you will share the boat with others. This typically comes at a lower cost, making it a more affordable option. It boils down to a matter of preference. You have to ask yourself, “Which of the many fishing charters available in Clearwater is right for me?”

5. Inshore vs. Offshore Excursions

Inshore excursion vessels in Clearwater usually run between 21 and 24 feet long and can typically carry up to six people per trip. Other terms used to describe inshore excursions would be a bay boat or a six-pack boat because a six-pack license (issued by the Coast Guard) is usually required to operate one. While they are comfortable, it should be noted that there is usually not a bathroom on these types of boats.

Offshore fishing charters are usually much larger vessels designed for ocean waters. They typically run between 36 and 66 feet an can fit upwards of 90 people at a time. These charters are ideal for large groups of people.

6. Party/Head Boats

There is another type of boat called multi-passenger fishing charters, or party/head boats. These boats are quite large, running, on average, anywhere from 57 to 64 feet. They are designed for deep sea fishing only. This option is ideal for those with a small budget because operators charge on a per person basis with prices coming in at around $50 per person, on average. The downside is you will be sharing the boat with upwards of 90 people, which can be frustrating at times.

Choose Salinity Now in Clearwater for Fishing Charters

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