In St. Petersburg, fishing charters are one of the best ways to get the ultimate Gulf Coast experience. These boats take individuals out into the waters for a day of fish and fun.

Learn How to Fish in St. Petersburg

Many local fishing charters not only take you out to sea, but they also teach you how to cast, catch, and release. With the right captain, these adventures are perfect for people of all levels and skill ages. Companies like Salinity Now are prepared to teach the basics to beginners with a calm and patient attitude. While not all angling boats are child-friendly, many in the St. Petersburg area do consider their fishing charters kid-friendly. For a parent who loves to angle but might not have the patience to teach their child, this might be the perfect solution.

Fishing Charters are Perfect for Parties

There is no better venue for a party than a boat. Fishing charters offer a unique experience to residents and visitors of Tampa Bay looking to have an unforgettable party. In St. Petersburg, many companies take large groups out on inshore excursions. Partygoers can learn how to cast or relax on the vessel. Either way, it will be a party unlike any other.

Angling cruises also work well for corporate events. Spending a few hours on calm waters is a great way to boost employee morale. It also allows you to get to know the people you work with. Similarly, taking clients or prospective clients out on these boats gives them an entirely different feeling than a conference room or busy restaurant would. By booking trips for clients or employees, you are ensuring a trip they will not soon forget.

Inshore Excursions

When you book inshore fishing charters, you are in for a calmer experience. Inshore boats go in waters up to 30 meters deep. Because the water is relatively shallow, it is calmer. Inshore trips are considered more family-friendly and are available for booking year-round. Boats require less equipment, but large quantities of sea creatures can be caught. The species typically range from snapper and snook to trout.

Nearshore Trips

Nearshore expeditions take you into a narrow zone in St. Petersburg and surrounding waters. Waters are usually 6-12 miles from the shore but can be up to 20. Many species swim in this area; the kingfish and cobia two of the most common catches. Reefs and rock piles bring sea life to this area, giving anglers many chances to catch something and keep their score.

Specialty Trips

If catching sea creatures is not your thing, fishing charters still provide unique experiences around St. Petersburg waters. Sunset cruises make for a romantic date or family bonding experience. Sunsets over the Gulf are some of the most beautiful in Florida and even rank over sunsets in other areas of the United States.

Eco-tours are excellent for families with small children and tourists alike. These trips take you around St. Petersburg and surrounding waters in search of the wildlife both in and out of the Gulf. Birdwatching is a favorite activity in Florida; searching for different species while boating around the coast takes the excitement up a notch. Many of these tours see pods of dolphins swimming near the boats, providing a spectacular photo op.

Book a Boat to Target Tarpon

The Tarpon, also known as “Silver King,” is one of Florida’s top game fish. They are tough and strong fighters, reaching up to 8 feet long and 280 pounds. Fishing charters aimed at tarpon are perfect for experienced anglers looking for a challenge in St. Petersburg.

Since tarpon is not typically eaten, most people who catch tarpon recreationally throw them back. Those who wish to keep the tarpon must be attempting an International Fish Game Association Record. This record still limits the catch to one tarpon, and anglers must purchase a tag.

Keep in mind the gear permitted during tarpon excursions. Hook-and-line equipment is the only acceptable method. Also, multi-pointed hooks are not allowed if you also use natural bait, whether it is alive or not.

Contact Salinity Now

At Salinity Now, our goal is to give clients in St. Petersburg an educational, fun, and safe excursion when they book our fishing charters. We are a fully licensed and insured company operated by Captain Tom Campbell.  At Salinity Now, we operate two fully equipped boats to ensure your trip around Tampa Bay will be the best. Our tours are perfect for kids and beginning anglers alike, as Captain Tom is always ready to teach the sport to newcomers. To find out more on our top-rated trips, find us online or call us at (727) 480-3620.