Nearshore fishing charters in Clearwater offer a special family-friendly experience for locals and tourists alike. These trips are filled with sea life, learning, and fun.

1. Nearshore Fishing Charters are Fun for the Family

Offshore fishing begins in waters at least 30 meters deep. It requires patience, sturdy equipment, and the ability to handle strong game such as tuna and sailfish. In contrast, nearshore boating trips are in sight of land, not too far out. Many species dwell in this zone, though none provide the challenges of offshore ventures. These outings run year-round in Clearwater, meaning you can turn any weekend into a sea excursion for you and your family.

2. See the Sea Life in Clearwater

Nearshore fishing charters provide unique experiences that you cannot get from inshore or offshore outings. This area is not too far from land and is affected by many factors like currents, tides, and freshwater outflows. These factors, along with the rocks and reefs that dot this area, cause a variety of wildlife to live in these zones. Species include:

  • Seabass
  • Kingfish
  • Barracuda
  • Grouper
  • Spanish Mackerel

Even if you do not want to participate in the baiting, casting, and reeling, these adventures are the perfect chance to see what creatures call the Gulf home.

3. Bring in a Big Catch

The shallow waters of nearshore fishing charters in Clearwater give beginners and experienced anglers a chance to reel in a big catch. Not only are there many species around this zone, but also large groups to catch from.

No matter your experience level, you are likely to catch something in this area. This can be a great opportunity to teach your children how to fish, as there is a good chance that they will reel one in, which will boost their interest. The water and the weather affect the wildlife, but many companies work to plan your trip based on the best conditions.

Salinity Now

Salinity Now offers inshore and nearshore fishing charters to clients around the Clearwater area. Our goal is to give all of our clients an educational, fun, and safe trip. We operate two fully equipped boats packed with quality tackle, rods, and reels. Captain Tom Campbell does his best to make sure you have the best possible experience. He grew up in the area and also spent many years working as the first mate for top local guides. Both Captain Top and Salinity Now are fully licensed and insured, and we are an excellent fit for experienced anglers and beginners alike. For more information on our trips, find us online or call us at (727) 480-3620.