Whether you want to sign up for a half-day trip for some light tackle bottom fishing off the beach. Or you want to go for a relaxed full-day excursion, Salinity Now’s fishing charters are the best choice in Clearwater. We can help you put a handful of nice hogfish and snapper in the box and snap up some kingfish or grouper.

Figure Out How Long You Want to Be Out on the Water

The cost for fishing charters varies, depending on how long you want to be out on the water and where you’re looking to find a catch. At Salinity Now, our rates for two anglers are:

  • Half day (four hours) — $400
  • 3/4 day (six hours) — $550
  • Full day (eight hours) — $700

Because these rates are for two anglers, if you’d like more people to join, each additional angler is $50.

Tarpon rates are a little different because we only offer six- and eight-hour trips:

  • Six hours — $650
  • Eight hours — $850

We also offer specialty fishing charters if you have a unique arrangement that better suits your needs.

What Boats Are Available?

You may be a boat aficionado, or maybe you’re a beginner when it comes to the world of fishing. No matter what, you want to be on a vessel that allows you to conveniently fish in waters all over Clearwater. At Salinity Now, our fleet includes a 24h Canyon Bay that has top-of-the-line electronics, safety features, a half tower with a second helm, and a 300hp engine. Our fully-restored 1973 Aquasport 222 flat-back also has premium electronics and safety features, as well as a tower with a second helm and a 200hp engine. These crafts are powered to provide a fun, smooth experience for fishers of all experience levels.

What Equipment Will You Be Fishing With?

Like other recreational activities, the equipment you use while angling matters. We believe in using high-quality tackle for better catches. Salinity Now uses 13 Fishing brand rods and reels because they offer an advanced, cutting-edge quality that outlasts and outperforms others.

Choose Salinity Now for Premium Fishing Charters in Clearwater

For all-inclusive fishing charters in the Clearwater area, trust the professionals at Salinity Now. We emphasize fun, safety, and education during our excursions. Customer support is important to us, and for everyone’s safety, we are fully licensed and insured.

Call us today at (727) 480-3620 or contact us online to schedule your charter trip in the Clearwater area.