St. Petersburg is home to a variety of fishing charters. With Tampa Bay bordering the coast and the Gulf of Mexico only a short ride away, there are many ways to get out on the water and catch some game.

Pick a Location

There are a few types of fishing charters that take you to different areas in the water. In St. Petersburg, inshore, nearshore, and Tarpon trips are the most common.

  • Inshore cruises are calm and only go into water 30 meters deep. These adventures are available year-round and require little equipment.
  • Nearshore adventures stay within sight of beaches and buildings. This is excellent for families and young anglers, as catching sea life is easy in this area.
  • Tarpon excursions best fit experienced anglers. These outings target powerful game fish, which can reach up to 8 feet in length and 280 pounds.

Extra Excursions in St. Petersburg Waters

Many companies offer unique boat rides if a hook and line is not your thing. Eco-tours and island tours are just two ways you can enjoy a boating trip without trying to fish. For residents of St. Petersburg and tourists alike, alternative excursions make memories that cannot be forgotten. At Salinity Now, our specialty trips include sunset cruises, island hopping, and eco-tours that focus on dolphins, birds, and backwaters. In addition, we offer corporate and group trips for large parties looking for a good time.

Look at Reviews

Reviews and ratings are an excellent way to find out what others in St. Petersburg thought about the fishing charters you are considering. These posts offer honest reviews about the trips.

Salinity Now holds a 5-star Facebook rating based on the reviews of customers. We consider all feedback to ensure our adventures are the best in the Bay.

Pick Fishing Charters with Experienced Captains

With an experienced captain, you can guarantee a smooth and enjoyable trip. These experts use their knowledge to monitor weather and waters to keep anglers safe. In addition, they are often happy to help new and young anglers just beginning to bait their lines.

Captain Tom of Salinity Now was raised in St. Petersburg and has been fishing since he was young. For many years, Captain Tom worked as a first mate on many fishing charters. He uses his knowledge to run his business efficiently and effectively to ensure everyone aboard has a great time.

Salinity Now

At Salinity Now, we strive to provide anglers of all ages and skill levels with a fun, safe, and educational experience. We are a fully licensed and insured company. Our boats are fully equipped with safety equipment and top-of-the-line electronics for the perfect excursion every time. For more information on our fishing charters or specialty trips, find us online or call us at (727) 480-3620.