Tarpon is the most popular sport fish in Florida, and many people want to go on tarpon fishing charters when they are in the Clearwater area. Charters are a great way to get out on the water and catch fish whether you are a seasoned veteran or are brand new to the world of fishing. Salinity Now offers inclusive excursions that provide everything you need for a successful day at sea. If you are interested in tarpon, read on to learn more about what you need to know before heading out to angle.

Tarpon Season is Spring Through Summer in Tampa Bay

The prime time to fish for tarpon in Tampa Bay is from spring (early April) through the end of summer. These fish are migratory, and during these months, they are making their way through the Clearwater area. Their peak activity occurs during June and July, although many veteran fishers prefer catching them in the earlier season like April to avoid crowds of other fishers.

Experienced Guides Can Help You Find Tarpon

When you go out with professionals on tarpon fishing charters, you get insider tips on where to find the fish and how best to catch them. Often, in the summer, they spend time in shallow backwater bays. Many others like sheltered areas, such as under bridges. An experienced guide at Salinity Now can help you find the best spots for catches in Clearwater.

Tarpon Are Fierce Prey

These sport fish are known for being a challenge. Mature fish usually weigh around 60 pounds (the world record is 280 pounds!) and are usually anywhere from four to eight feet long. These beasts put up a fight when they’re being reeled, and getting a catch is a thrilling adventure.

Live bait is the best, but artificial lures can also be effective. Make sure your hooks are really sharp. You may need to sharpen them yourself, since, out-of-the-package, they probably aren’t sharp enough. Once you feel a tug on the line, let the fish enjoy the bait for a few seconds before hooking. After hooking the fish, they will rattle their gills, roll, jump, and somersault trying to get off the line. Let them have control for a few minutes and hold on tight. Then, when they jump, dip your rod, giving the line some slack, and get ready to reel it in.

When you are out on one of Salinity Now’s tarpon fishing charters in Clearwater, your captain will make sure to provide these tips and more to help you make the most of your excursion.

Choose Salinity Now for Professional, Fun Tarpon Fishing Charters in Clearwater

Salinity Now offers fishers top-quality tarpon fishing charters in Tampa Bay that help you snag a catch and have a great time on the water. Contact Captain Tom today at (727) 480-3620 to schedule a trip or contact us online.